Whittle & Spark Parties for all occasions.

Metallic Green Beetles on a yellow flower

Beetles having a pollen party in a flower!

Book an outdoor adventure for your child’s birthday, (or your own!).  Come to one of our wonderful woodland sites at Shepperton or Sunninghill.  Or invite us to your venue or back garden.

We will customise a programme to suit your event perfectly and will weave activities around a theme of your choice.

Example Party themes:

Survival: Track and trail to base camp. Design and build your own shelter.  Learn to make fire without matches.  Use tools to cut down and whittle cooking sticks.  Cook something delicious over your fire as you enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors.

Survival Overnight: All of the above plus you’ll be cooking your evening meal and breakfast hot chocolate over the fire.  Sleeping out under the stars, curling up in your home made shelters or putting up your tents.  Dig your own camp toilet.  We’ll have a night game and listen out for bats and maybe have a sing or stories around the camp fire.  Overnight Prices add an extra £25 per head to normal party prices.

Mini Safari: Explore and search for creatures large and small. Make wild art pictures of animals with your friends.  Who hides where?  What do they eat?  Where do they hide throughout Winter? How many eyes do they have? Which minibeasts are super Mums and keep caring for their young? Make a little minibeast to take home from natural materials and colourful wool.

Pirates! Haul the ropes and climb the rigging.  Discover an ancient treasure map and follow the clues to find treasure me hearties! Make something wonderful from the treasure cache to take home! Toast marshmallows, sit back and enjoy your riches.

Pokemon Party: Come and train in the secret training grounds then search the woods for signs of the wild and mysterious creatures that leave trails of magic for us to make into something special to take home. Sit round a roaring fire and tell tales of the pokemon you’ve caught and tamed in your travels.

Woodland Jewellery Collect and cut natural materials to create bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Use various tools to saw, cut, hollow and carve your own beads. Mix these up with coloured beads and wool for a finished product to be proud of!

General You bring the cake and the birthday tea.  We’ll bring popcorn to pop and marshmallows to roast and everything else needed for an amazing Birthday Party in a very special place!

Children’s Party Prices                                                                                                                          £200 for up to 12 children,  One leader and birthday child’s parent/s helping.                                 £260 for up to 12 children, Two leaders, option for birthday child’s parent/s to stay.                     £320 for up to 16 children.                                                                                                                          £380 for up to 20 children.

Timings We need a full two hours for the party so allow an extra half hour at the start to gather guests, we’ll be there to gather children and play games while waiting for everyone and you can take your time chatting and sharing cake at the end.  Morning or afternoon, usually 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm (12-3pm Winter).

Ages Any age is catered for.  Under fives need to be accompanied by parent/s. We have exciting challenges for teens and adults.  Siblings are counted in the numbers at a party, its all about group dynamics and everyone will want to have a go at everything on offer!

Parties for Adults and Older Teens  Choose from one or fill a day with Survival Skills.  Camp Fire Cooking.  Tracking and Trailing.  Wild Food Foraging and Cooking.  Learn to Whittle by carving and decorating your own Spreading Knife or for the ambitious come and spend a day Carving a Spoon.  Carve your own Beads to make fabulous Woodland Bling.  Make Artists Charcoal and Carve a Woodland Pencil.   Nature Safari exploring and learning about the plants and animals all around us.                                                                                                                             Wonderful Days to Share.

£40 /person for groups of 7-10 people.    £35/person groups 11-20 people.                                        £50 /person for groups of 5-7 people for Spoon Carving and Felting Animals Day Courses.