Forest School sessions can be run in school grounds or at a nearby site.  We can visit the school grounds to choose a site and can give advice on creating a wildlife garden and/or natural play areas.

We recommend a course of 6 to 10 weekly sessions for children to fully benefit from the programme.  In this time they will learn a range of skills and be guided to develop their abilities to naturally assess risks in their surroundings, when in play and with tool use.  They will develop an interest and respect for the natural world and the wonderful creatures on their doorsteps.

Programmes are designed with a classes teacher to meet the specific needs of the group.  Forest School stimulates and accommodates a variety of learning styles.  It can be used to recap and ground classroom learning.   We work to get good group cooperation, bonding and cohesion,  this tackles bullying or exclusion head on and in a lasting way.   Children’s opinions and expectations within a group are challenged as the outdoor setting helps reveal positive, new aspects of their peers.  The regular sessions rekindle a child’s enjoyment of school, their inquisitiveness and desire to learn.  The variety of experiences on offer reveal hidden intelligence and learning preferences to teachers.child holding a stripy Cinnabar moth caterpillar

A fascinating Cinnabar Caterpillar

For more details call 07928 752 707